From basic functions to regular expressions

3 Ways To Search Substrings of Python Strings
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Dive into the internal mechanisms

Memory Management in Python: 3 Popular Interview Questions
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  • How does Python collect garbage (useless objects)?
  • How does Python optimise memory usages (interning mechanism)?

Choose the most appropriate one

3 Variants of Python Dictionaries That Make Your Coding Easier
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1. Defaultdict: Set a Default Value for Your Dict

When you get the value of a dict by a key, an unexpected exception may be raised:

>>> city = {'UK':'London','Japan':'Tokyo'}
>>> print(city['Italy'])

Make Your Python Program Bug-Free: 8 Essential Tips
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0. Mind the Scope of Variables

The scope of Python variables is important but not intuitive for beginners. …

Do some magic in plain CSS

CSS Animations: A Complete Guide in 7 Levels of Difficulty
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Understand the web server gateway interface completely

What is WSGI? A Readable Explanation for Python Developers
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Introduction to the WSGI

When we enter a link on a browser, what will happen?

  • The web server receives the request and finds or generates an HTML document.
  • The server sends the HTML document as the body of a HTTP response to the browser.
  • The browser receives the HTTP response, renders and displays the HTML document in it.

Ace your algorithm interviews like a tech lead

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my_nums = {'A': 5, 'B': 2, 'C': 2, 'D': 1}

Dive into the string formatting technique in Python

7 Levels of Using F-Strings in Python
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1. Display Values From Variables Easily

There are only two things you need to do to use f-strings:

From simple methods to the ultimate weapon

5 Ways To Remove Spaces of A Python String

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