Python developers don’t need to open their file explorers

File and Directory Management in Python: 10 Essential Operations

Python is one of the best programming languages to automate the boring stuff about system management. For example, if you maintain a website and need to remove some out-of-date log files on some directories every day. How to do it?

A non-programmer will remove these useless files one by one.

From basic functions to regular expressions

3 Ways To Search Substrings of Python Strings

One essential task of programming is to get the data you need from a large amount of data. Searching certain substrings from strings is this type of task. If you happen to be a Python developer, congratulations! Because Python kindly gives us at least 3 options to do this job.

Dive into the internal mechanisms

Memory Management in Python: 3 Popular Interview Questions

The memory management is one of the most popular interview topics for Python developers. Because questions about it can test a programmer’s understanding of some internal mechanisms of Python.

Some common questions are:

  • How to get the memory address of a Python object (or vice versa)?
  • How does Python collect…

Choose the most appropriate one

3 Variants of Python Dictionaries That Make Your Coding Easier

A dictionary in Python, which contains key-value pairs, is one of the key data structures for daily programming. Besides the basic dict, Python kindly gives us more convenient options. Using them skillfully will make our code more elegant and our coding more smoothly.

This article will dive into 3 common…

Make Your Python Program Bug-Free: 8 Essential Tips

Although bugs are nearly inevitable in programming, senior developers can avoid lots of unnecessary bugs and write robust programs.


On the one hand, they made enough mistakes before thus they can avoid them in similar scenarios.

On the other hand, they are familiar with the programming language they are…

Do some magic in plain CSS

CSS Animations: A Complete Guide in 7 Levels of Difficulty

Nowadays, people have higher expectations for websites. To have all contents and functions users need is just the very basic requirement. A good website should be cool, or even awesome.

As we know, CSS, as a powerful tool, plays a key role for decorating a website. …

Understand the web server gateway interface completely

What is WSGI? A Readable Explanation for Python Developers

Introduction to the WSGI

When we enter a link on a browser, what will happen?

Simply put, there are only four steps:

  • The browser sends an HTTP request.
  • The web server receives the request and finds or generates an HTML document.
  • The server sends the HTML document as the body of a HTTP response…

Ace your algorithm interviews like a tech lead

To get a random number in Python is simple, since there is a built-in module called random. But how about weighted random numbers?

Let’s see a real interview question:

There is a dictionary as following:

my_nums = {'A': 5, 'B': 2, 'C': 2, 'D': 1}

The keys are four letters…

Dive into the string formatting technique in Python

7 Levels of Using F-Strings in Python

The f-string, which was introduced by Python 3.6, is a simple and different string formatting technique to express Python strings elegantly.

Unless you are still using the old Python versions, the f-string should definitely be your preference when formatting strings. …

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